26% P<0.0001 REDUCTION in
hospitalization for worsening heart failure
26% P=0.014 REDUCTION
in death for heart failure

Mortality and hospitalization outcomes

Effect of ivabradine on outcomes
Hazard ratio P value
All-cause mortality 0.90 0.092
CV mortality 0.91 0.128
All-cause hospital admission 0.89 0.003
Any CV hospital admission 0.85 0.0002
CV death/ hospital admission for heart failure or nonfatal myocardial infarction 0.82 <0.0001


  • In the subgroup of patients receiving at least 50% of the evidence-based target daily dose of a β-blocker:
    – the effects of ivabradine were consistent with the overall findings, though less marked
    – the primary end point and mortality components were not significantly reduced
    – 19% reduction of hospital admissions for worsening heart failure with ivabradine.
  • Significant improvement of NYHA class with ivabradine.
  • Greater improvement of patient-reported global assessment & physician-reported assessment with ivabradine.1

1. Swedberg K, et al. Lancet. 2010;376(9744):875-885.