Published in April 2015
The SHIFT Prognostic Model is based on simple clinical characteristics (increased resting HR, low ejection fraction, raised creatinine, New York Heart Association class III/IV, longer duration of HF, history of left bundle branch block, low systolic blood pressure, age…) to provide prognostic information in patients with chronic heart failure, systolic dysfunction, and elevated HR1.

This calculator assesses the risk of:
1 – cardiovascular death or hospitalization for worsening heart failure
2 – hospitalization for worsening heart failure over 2 years

The SHIFT Prognostic Model provides valuable information for clinical evaluation and decision-making by assessing each individual patient’s risk.
Click here to discover the SHIFT Prognostic Model

1. Ford I. et al. Top ten risk factors for morbidity and mortality in patients with chronic systolic heart failure and elevated heart rate: The SHIFT Risk Model. Int J Cardiol. 2015;184:163–169.

97 thoughts on “SHIFT is the basis for a prognostic model for heart failure patients

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